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SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative's ePolicyWorks Online Dialogues

The SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative was established by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy to support the development of polices, programs and practices that encourage the continued employment of workers likely to leave the workforce due to injury, serious illness, or disability. As part of this initiative, the SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative is hosting a series of online dialogues to gather input and ideas from the public and other stakeholders including subject matter experts. Ideas and comments gathered from these online dialogues will be used to guide the work of the SAW/RTW Policy Working Groups (PWGs) to develop policy recommendations, as well as resources and materials to assist states and other key stakeholders in improving services to injured or disabled workers.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our SAW/RTW online dialogues. The SAW/RTW Dissemination Online Dialogue Final Report summarizing the latest dialogue's overall participation and highlighting the most popular ideas is now available. In addition, the full contents SAW/RTW Dissemination Online Dialogue have been archived.

The Stay-a-Work/Return-to-Work Policy Collaborative, through it's collaboration with ODEP will continue to explore effective practices to inform policy recommendations targeting federal and state agencies, as well as the private sector. You can find some of the outcomes of this work on ODEP's SAW/RTW Research & State Demonstration Projects page. Thank you for joining us in this important effort!

Pinned Ideas

Ideas worth noticing

Educate medical providers


Educate medical providers about effective occupational health practices and comprehensive pain management strategies. Reach medical providers throu...

Net Votes: 10   Number of Comments: 4

Engage private insurers in adopt...


Involve private insurers in supporting transition back to work by working with insurers such as Liberty Mutual and Traveler’s Insurance and with na...

Net Votes: 8   Number of Comments: 12

Communicate advantages of the CO...


Communicate the advantages of replicating or adapting the State of Washington’s Centers of Occupational Health and Education (COHE) program through...

Net Votes: 7   Number of Comments: 0

Convince HR professionals of the...


Reinforce the idea with HR professionals that supporting the return to work of workers who had disengaged from their job due to injury or disabilit...

Net Votes: 9   Number of Comments: 12

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