Topic 1: Partial Return-to-Work - closed

Topic 1: Partial Return-to-Work - closed

What would it take to implement partial return-to-work strategies in your state?

Providing light duty or part-time work, and partial disability payments during the transition back to work, can encourage workers to return earlier, minimizing the likelihood they will drop out of the workforce.

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Partial Return-to-Work Online Dialogue

This national online dialogue will explore what it would take for states to develop initiatives or programs, or institute policy changes, that support workers in the transition back to work. .

State policies and strategies in the RTW area can play an important role in ensuring that there is a support for the worker's transition back to work. This includes partial return-to-work strategies, which are typically employer-focused, and which can include part-time and light duty work that aid in the transition back to work. Partial return-to-work strategies often go hand-in-hand with permanent or temporary partial disability payments (for work-related illness/injuries covered in the workers’ compensation system), or with TDI (temporary disability insurance) or short-term disability insurance (for non-work related illness/injuries).

Among other purposes, what we learn here will be used to guide the work of a SAW/RTW Policy Working Group to develop resources and materials to assist states and other key stakeholders in improving services to injured or disabled workers.

As you submit your ideas or comment and vote on ideas submitted by others below, please keep the following guiding questions in mind:

We look forward to your contributions and thank you in advance for joining us in this important effort.

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