RTW Strategies: Washington’s COHE Model

Create an Environment of Trust

I have a knowledge of Workers Compensation from the Providers view. What I heard many injured workers say was they were afraid that getting hurt on the job would cause them to lose their job. From my experience, the insurance companies just see $ signs and push for the return to work. The employers fear that their premiums will go up and push for the return to work and the one who takes the brunt of all of that is the injured worker. The injured worker feels that the minute they were injured or informed their employer of the injury that they were looked at differently. It becomes them against the employer.


I like the fact that the COHE model has a case manager/advocate who from the video I saw is looking out for the injured worker. In my humble opinion if all states were to adopt an advocate model in which the advocate's job is to ensure the best for the injured worker. The injured worker's return to work will be expedited.


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