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Use social crowd funding

Use social crowd funding to generate the capital necessary to support returning to work,

employee re-training, employer education, and community awareness. See:


We are hearing much lately about millionaires and billionaires committed to placing their cronies into our government. Where are the millionaires/billionaires committed to advancing and supporting the lives of disabled people that would like to work. Maybe hoping for rich people to step up is too granular. With crowd funding, much finer grained support could be accessed. Everyone becomes a contributor, a tiny slice of that billionaire pie.


It may be that Department of Labor faces restrictions precluding it from utilizing crowd funding sites, I don’t know the legal climate. But, there is nothing stopping a private nonprofit organization from setting up these kinds of fundraisers.


One crowd funding site that addresses charitable causes is:


Crowdrise is easy and fast to set up. It is also available as a WordPress plug-in, making it easy for anyone to host their own fundraiser.


Another well known site is:


At first glance it may appear that Indegogo is mainly about supporting new product launches, but click on “Explore” in the page header and find “Community Projects.” You will find that Indegogo can be set up as a fund-raising site for the purposes of returning to work, employee re-training, employer education, and community awareness, pretty much any goal you have in mind.


Hope this helps!


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