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Telemedicine Cooperative effort

According to the National Governors Association, Principles for State-Federal Relations, as accessed on THIS site as of April 13, 2017:


2.4 Designing Federal-State Programs. To provide maximum flexibility and opportunity for innovation, as well as foster administrative efficiency and cross-program coordination, federal-state programs should be designed to meet the following principles:


States should be actively involved in a cooperative effort to develop policy and administrative procedures.


One very ideal technology/process in which to develop policy and administrative procedures is in telemedicine. There are even some very basic starting points for this, on THIS page, as accessed April 13, 2017


Telemedicine Terms


Distant or Hub site: Site at which the physician or other licensed practitioner delivering the service is located at the time the service is provided via telecommunications system.


Originating or Spoke site: Location of the Medicaid patient at the time the service being furnished via a telecommunications system occurs. Telepresenters may be needed to facilitate the delivery of this service.


Asynchronous or "Store and Forward": Transfer of data from one site to another through the use of a camera or similar device that records (stores) an image that is sent (forwarded) via telecommunication to another site for consultation. Asynchronous or "store and forward" applications would not be considered telemedicine but may be utilized to deliver services.


Medical Codes: States may select from a variety of HCPCS codes (T1014 and Q3014), CPT codes and modifiers (GT, U1-UD) in order to identify, track and reimburse for telemedicine services.


Here's the point. When money is scarce, partnerships spread the burden, AND spread the technology. Much would be saved in time off for doctor's visits if states could help set policies with telecommunications companies to enable local businesses to set up telemedicine rooms in the work centers. Less time off to see the doctor, less need for transportation, for both employee and offices.


And this is something ALL states can do!


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