RTW Strategies: Washington’s COHE Model

RTW onsite members in corporate settings

Maybe there needs to be as in my case a facility that deals in radioactivity (a radio station) that maybe the facility should have an onsite doctor or doctor in the plan of the company wc package--that would bring down a cost to not only the business but could make sure that the employees dont have to worry about cost or health benefits--if all businesses did that then maybe that would just leave programs like medicaid for the unemployed. They should then have their own doctors too. I live in a shelter in NYC that is primarily for domestic abuse and recovering addicts--I just happened to have an accident while visiting. I received great health care without cause for too much medicaid except for my medicine. Maybe that should be considered in Washington DC as to alliviate Medicaid costs and since so many companies would have to have the medical that would bring down the costs paid for the care. then there would be no uninsured as for btw requirements, I think there should be an enforcement I am part owner of the business I have my husband is the other half I am in my pre treatment stage for long care life in as many years I have left. He wants to retire I have to work under his direction so its part time. There should be a law incase of a dispute because of the situation with other employees that are union in particular that there should be some kind of enforcement. You have the USESBA but they have a lot of work to do, ICE is another choice but they mainly work with USCIS if anybody has an idea let me know.


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