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Provide examples of model employer subsidy & incentive program

Convincing employers, insurers and other stakeholders to implement employer subsidy and incentive programs could be helped by providing examples of successful programs that offer evidence of improvements in return to work outcomes. For example, Oregon’s Preferred Worker Program (PWP), for workers who are unable to return to work because of permanent work restrictions or disability from an on-the-job injury, is considered a model program for assisting workers in transitioning back to work. PWP will pay the employer of a preferred worker a wage subsidy of 50% of the worker’s wages for 183 days. In addition, PWP will provide the employer with incentive funds for worksite modifications/ PWP will also cover the cost to the worker of finding, accepting, or keeping a job in Oregon, such as tools and equipment, uniforms or clothing required for the job, and required licensing or certification.



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