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In Indiana a person with a disability can go to Voc Rehab to be taught how to work around their disability and still get the job done. Or they could. I went to a FSSA meeting last week and they are now going to make Voc Rehab categorize the severity their consumers disabilities and the worst ones will get served first. So that means that once again those with disabilities are going to be discriminated against as far as FSSA and Voc Rehab are concerned. Instead of being 1st come 1st served like they have been since I have been in the system in 2003.

They have a big turn over of employees at Voc Rehab, because they want their Intake Coordinators to have a Master's degree, but they only want to pay $30 something thousand a year. How-about hiring people with a Bachelor's degree? They might find that their turn-over will slow down. The one in my county was not to good, but has just retired. I am waiting to meet the new one.


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