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SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative's ePolicyWorks Online Dialogues

The SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative was established by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy to support the development of polices, programs and practices that encourage the continued employment of workers likely to leave the workforce due to injury, serious illness, or disability. As part of this initiative, the SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative is hosting a series of online dialogues to gather input and ideas from the public and other stakeholders including subject matter experts. Ideas and comments gathered from these online dialogues will be used to guide the work of a SAW/RTW Policy Working Group to develop policy recommendations, as well as resources and materials to assist states and other key stakeholders in improving services to injured or disabled workers.

Check out the SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative's recent Washington’s COHE Model Online Dialogue which explored ways that states might adopt occupational health best practices and care coordination strategies from Washington’s Centers of Occupational Health and Education model to improve outcomes for injured workers.

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Employer education

ePolicyWorks Administrator

The increasing numbers of individuals with disabilities and older workers in the workforce may call for changes to ensure that their desire to tran...

Net Votes: 8   Number of Comments: 13

Create an Environment of Trust

Mike Corso

I have a knowledge of Workers Compensation from the Providers view. What I heard many injured workers say was they were afraid that getting hurt on...

Net Votes: 10   Number of Comments: 18

Provide evidence of effectivenes...

ePolicyWorks Administrator

A key step in convincing key stakeholders to consider adopting/adapting COHE strategies would be to provide evidence of improvements in quality, co...

Net Votes: 10   Number of Comments: 7

Work with employers to develop m...

ePolicyWorks Administrator

Modified work programs provide injured employees with light duty or more manageable tasks to facilitate early return to work. The duties are gradua...

Net Votes: 13   Number of Comments: 10